Is the inflammation of the gastric mucous, there are numerous causes for producing gastritis, the most important one is related to chronic alterations in one’s diet, like ingesting irritating foods, having prolonged fasting, not having a fixed hour/schedule for meals, stress.

There’s an existing bacteria that is recognized in causing chronic gastritis, called Helicobacter Pylori, which can be eradicated with medication.

With an acute gastritis, the abdominal pain can vary from a light epigastrical annoyance  (mouth of the stomach) to intense burning sensation, is accompanied by belches, uncomfortableness, loss  of appetite, hunger sensation, stomach emptiness and up to food vomiting or bleeding . Also in chronic gastritis there’s a loss of weight.

What to do?

  • Go to your doctor for a complete evaluation, he will identify the direct cause of the gastritis and will prescribe you medicine and/or diet for your treatment.
  • With an Endoscopy, it helps us to evaluate the severity of the inflammatory axial problem, as it will allow us to take biopsies to discard the presence of the H. Pylori bactirium, knowing the cause and severity of the gastritis, you can be given a suitable treatment and necessary duration of the treatment.
  • Within the factors that need to be avoided in order to relieve these inconveniences are: coffee, alcohol and tobacco, prolonged periods of going without breakfast, not having a suitable diet, laying down after eating, also not being strict and disciplined to the medical treatment.